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We understand what it takes to get and keep advertisers on the air.

Rod Schwartz, owner of Grace Broadcast Sales and its creative director, has been writing and producing radio advertising on a daily basis since January 1973. He has a knack for getting listeners to respond to an advertiser's message, that has benefited hundreds of clients over the years. Rod's work has aired on more than a thousand radio stations throughout the United States and Canada, and the other side of the globe.

His wife Paula is the company's business manager and webmaster, and his daughters Heather and Rebecca conduct research and serve as account executives, working primarily with radio station clients.

In May 2009, Rod collaborated with his daughter Rebecca to launch Radio Sales Café, an online social networking site exclusively for radio advertising professionals. The site has attracted over 4000 members from radio stations throughout the U.S. and Canada, England and Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa, with more joining every day. (If you would like to join Radio Sales Café, click on the link to your right.)

The GBS talent pool consists of a small cadre of exceptionally gifted professionals working freelance, carefully chosen for their ability to deliver the quality presentation for which the company is known.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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