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Celebrated annually since 1941, National Bible Week
is designed to raise the nation's interest in the value and importance of reading the Bible;
and so provide a meaningful start to the religious holiday season.

November 20-27, 2016
10 :30-second features

Market-exclusive buyout
(Buy Once - Use Forever!)

FREE DEMO to Presell the Series!

Just download the demo & sales sheet, make out your prospect list, & start presenting your sponsorship opportunities!

Demo   Sales Presentation Sheet
(Please note, the demo is not authorized for broadcast.)

Order from us only after you've sold
your first package.
It's risk free!

Rosie Tovar, KXOX, Sweetwater, TX: “The Bible Week features worked out well. We sold about ten different sponsors. The price was pretty good, and the campaign was something a little different – our advertisers and listeners enjoyed it. Without sounding so 'churchy,' if I may call it that, many of our clients appreciated this approach to let their clients know how they felt about our country, 'our' American roots – and how we were established as one nation under God. I tied it into being thankful.”

This campaign is a great opportunity
for your station to offer schedules to:

  • Christian schools
  • Local churches
  • Christian book and gift stores
  • Bookstores with a Bible/Christian studies section
  • Christian business owners

Easy to customize!
Each feature is formatted with room at the end
for a short sponsor tag, which makes production a snap.
The features may be paired with longer sponsor adjacencies; we provide a corresponding music bed for this purpose.

Buy it once, use it profitably year after year!

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