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Last year nearly one-third of all highway fatalities involved a drunk driver.

Local radio reaches the majority of drivers in our country each week.
Your station and your advertisers can partner together to lead your community's fight against drunk driving by airing these engaging, compelling :30-second messages all year long, especially during the holiday season and in advance of long holiday weekends throughout the year.

 Act now and start using this powerful campaign right away, and for many years to come!

The GBS Don't Drink & Drive Campaign

15 :30-second features
Market-exclusive buyout
(Buy Once - Use Forever!)

Try Before You Buy!

You are welcome to download our demos,
burn them to a CD,
and play them for prospective clients.
(Please note, the demos are not authorized for broadcast.)

Demo #1    Demo #2    Sales Presentation Sheet

Use the sales presentation sheet to start
selling packages right away.
Order from us only after you've sold
your first package.

It's risk free!

Click here to download a sample one-sheet presentation that you may customize for your station.

Potential sponsors include:

  • social services

  • government agencies

  • local law enforcement

  • hospitals & outpatient clinics

  • counseling centers

Talk to local businesses and offer them sponsorships.
You'll find many businesspeople willing to lend their names
to your campaign, and ready to support it with their dollars.

Sell the entire series to just one or two sponsors,
or sell one feature each to many sponsors.


Each feature has room at the end for a short sponsor tag.  Or pair the features with longer adjacencies.
A companion music bed is provided for this purpose. An index of topics is also included.
Market-exclusive license.

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Call 1-888-472-2388 or e-mail

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