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Did You Know...?

-fascinating facts!

-tantalizing tidbits!

-entertaining and educational!

52 :30-second features
A year's worth of content for just $1.00 a day!

Market-exclusive buyout.  Buy it once, use it profitably year after year!

FREE DEMOS to Presell the Series!

Movie Trivia: Demo 1

History: Demo 2

Music Legend: Demo 3

Sports Classic: Demo 4
(Please note, these demos are not authorized for broadcast.

Just download the demos, put your packages together, and start presenting your sponsorship opportunities!

It's risk free!

Sales Tip: One of our clients suggested this great hook: in the :30-second ad inserted between the open and the feature, have your advertiser adopt the “Did You Know?” theme in their commercials. For instance, “Did you know that Banner Bank offers free checking, with no minimum balance?

We can’t wait to hear your success stories!

DID YOU KNOW…? was produced by our friend and Detroit native Bill Whiting, whose lifelong curiosity and love of story-telling naturally led him to radio.

Bill’s first syndicated program, The Umpires, sponsored by Anheuser-Busch, was a daily staple on numerous stations during its 15-year run.

Bill loves uncovering little-known facts and sharing them in his engaging radio features, as you’ll hear when you listen to the FREE DEMOS (in the left column).

With 52 features in the package, you'll have a full year's worth of terrific content! Sell them to just one or two exclusive sponsors, or to as many advertisers as you wish!

Ready to get started?
Download the free demos now!

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