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the gbs June Dairy Month salutes
10 :30-second features

Run the features as often as you like throughout the month of June.
Salute your hard-working dairy producers, promote local dairy products,
your advertisers and listeners in the Dairy Industry's annual celebration.

FREE DEMO to Presell This Series!

(Please note, the demo is not authorized for broadcast.)

Sales Presentation Sheet
Sample Sales Sheet

Just download the demo and sales sheets above, make out your prospect list, and start presenting your sponsorship opportunities!

Order from us only after you've sold
your first package.

It's risk free!

We love to hear your success stories:

Sue Tate at KJJK in Fergus Falls, MN, shared their success using our Armed Forces Salutes and June Dairy Month vignettes; they sold 60 sponsorships for each campaign.

Who will buy from you?

Ice cream parlors
Pizza shops
Farm supply stores
Coops and elevators
Car and truck dealers
And all the other companies that serve and support
the dairy farmers in your market.

Each feature has room at the end for a short sponsor tag.
Or pair the features with longer adjacencies. A companion music bed is provided for this purpose.
An index of topics is also included.
Market-exclusive license.

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