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November 11 is Veterans Day.

Americans owe a profound debt of gratitude to all our fellow citizens who have donned the uniform of our nation's armed services,
whenever and wherever
duty called,
placing their lives on the line
to preserve our liberty.

This Veterans Day, team up with local businesses and community leaders to honor your local veterans.

15 :30-second features

FREE DEMO to Presell the Series!

Just download the demo
and sales sheet below,
make out your prospect list, and start presenting your sponsorship opportunities!

Demo     Sales Presentation Sheet
(Please note, the demo is not authorized for broadcast.)

Order from us only after you've sold
your first package.

It's risk free!

Dedicate just one day to making calls using our telemarketing presentation, and you'll see how easy it is to put together a profitable campaign.

Each feature has room at the end for a short sponsor tag. Or pair the features with longer adjacencies. A companion music bed is provided for this purpose.
An index of topics is also included.
Market-exclusive license.

Top Prospects Include:

  • VFW and American Legion posts

  • VA hospitals

  • Any business providing services to senior citizens (retirement centers, assisted living facilities, etc.)

  • Local military recruiting offices

  • Banks

  • Insurance agencies

We love to hear your success stories!

Irene Robinson with KWCL in Oak Grove, LA:
“Your Veterans Day greetings are doing very well for our small market...we sold 30 and we are tagging them with the sponsor’s 30 second ad...the first two paid for the program and everything else is it.”

Terry Slavens with KATX in Eastland, TX:
“The Veterans Day campaign was fantastic and easy to use! We sold fifteen sponsorships; each advertiser had two ads a day for five days leading up to Veterans Day."

Jon Thompson with KCST in Florence, OR:
“Veteran's Day is always one that works for us even in a recession."

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