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Spring Car Care Tips
10 :30-second features

Spring's the perfect time for your listeners to make sure their vehicles are in tip-top running order,
so it's the perfect time for your station to air Spring Car Care Tips.

FREE DEMO to Presell the Series!

(Please note, the demo is not authorized for broadcast.)
Sales Presentation Sheet

Just download the demo and sales sheet above, make out your prospect list, and start presenting your sponsorship opportunities!

It's risk free!

There’s a long list of automotive prospects
that'll jump at the chance to sponsor these car care tips:

  • Auto Service/Repair Centers

  • Parts Stores

  • Tire Dealers

  • Gas Stations

  • Detail & Custom Shops

  • Body & Paint Shops

  • Car Stereo Dealers

  • Muffler Shops


We love to hear your success stories:

GM Mark Hill of KADI in Springfield, MO, reports that he and one of his AE’s used the GBS Spring Car Care and Safe Driving Tips series to sell a $32,000 annual contract to a locally-owned automotive repair/service business.

Mark and his rep tagged every one of the twenty features with the client’s information, and played all the features for the owners, a husband and wife team. The wife took notes throughout the presentation, and afterwards it was immediately clear that she was invested in the campaign because she asked 1) Which of the features stood out the most to the group? (everyone picked a different feature) and 2) Which features should be tagged with a male voice and which with a female voice? The husband and wife signed up for an aggressive schedule, and actually added to it down the line.

Mark said that he appreciates the production quality of the GBS features, and commented that tagging the features with the clients’ information personalized it and made them invested in the campaign. Mark also added that the rep who sold the contract is relatively new to radio sales, and this was his biggest sale to date.

Click here for our Safe Driving Tips and Don't Drink & Drive campaign.

Each feature has room at the end for a short sponsor tag.
Or pair the features with longer adjacencies. A companion music bed is provided for this purpose.
An index of topics is also included.
Market-exclusive license.

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